Voice recording options

Hi everyone!

 I am an owner of a sansa clip plus and I’m using the voice recording option regularly. Is there a way to change the recording options? It records in .wav files at 384kbps. Can I make it record in mp3, or at least reduce the size of the wav files, for example make it 128kbps? I searched the menu options and I can’t find a way.

Thanks a lot.


The short answer? No.

If you want to permanently save the files and want them smaller in size, you would have to transfer the WAV file to your computer, convert it to .mp3 then transfer the new, smaller file back to the player. You also cannot set it to record to an external memory card in the card slot. All recordings get saved to the internal memory. And that cannot be changed either.

Thank you for your answer. That’s what I thought too, I just wanted to see if by any chance there was any firmware version available that would give more options.

Although note that for converting your file, your conversion software likely will allow you to leave the file on the player and for you to convert it in that location–saves a couple of steps.