Voice Recording at better Frequency, bitrate??

Hello ALl,

 The Sansa Clip records at 24KHz, Mono mode, 

 Is it possible to make it record at atleast 44.1KHz in Streo Mode? or is there any other model which supports recording at this profile?

 I will be great if the sansa guys can support recording in FLAC instead of WAV :slight_smile:


WAV is straight PCM without compression.  The audio quality is quite good.

What I’d love to see is direct MIC inputs on the 30 pin port, for super cool stereo recording.  Man, a stereo electret plug in accessory would be nice indeed, paired with wav-mp3 compression on the device…you could really go crazy with the possibilities, come to think of it. 

The larger capabilities of the Fuze or e200 series would make this possible, but the wee Clip has different priorities.  SanDisk chose wisely in simplifying things on such a small device.

Bob  :wink:

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For my needs,  I hate recording in PCM as the file size is too big. I prefer 64Kbps, 44.1KHz MP3 audio on my phone. I was not aware that clip did only uncompressed.

OK, and what can you say 'bout recording in OGG format?

Is it possible ? 

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No.  It records into wav format.  Convert the file after.

Are there any other players that record straight to mp3? just curious cause that would mean having an encoder in the mp3 player, which I would assume requires more processor and would the lower battery life.

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Yes–if I recall correctly, my iRiver iHP-140 does that.  But long out of production, very unfortunately. 

it isnt about process power, the power comes from the money-- sansa would have to buy license to rec’d > encode straight to mp3…

awhile ago i googled and found a cpl that do this.  i dont remember which ones. 

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any WM5 or WM6 Smartphone [player] and Vito Audio Notes :slight_smile: