Recording: Different sound quality between voice & radio

After doing a few test recordings from radio and using the microphone, I noticed that the recordings are made at different quality levels. Radio recordings are made at 768 kbps/24Khz, while voice recordings are only at 256 kbps/16Khz.

I’m curious, why is the voice recording set to such a lower quality level by default? I understand that voice recordings are mono, while radio recordings are stereo, but I’d rather get the full quality possible with the mic by default. Is it something that could be modified with a future firmware update? An adjustible quality setting would be a great option to have.

While having the voice recording option on the Clip is a great feature and will prove very useful to me, I was hoping for better sound quality, to use it as a sort of field-recording sketch pad while on the go. Still can, just not the way I’d hoped.



Columbia, MO

Thanks for the feedback.  We are reviewing the opportunity to offer an upgrade in a future firmware update.

that would be great! the clip is a very convenient and handy voice recorder and if the quality is better it would be perfect.

Thank you! An upgrade in the voice recording quality would be my #1 firmware request, by a long shot. I appreciate you considering it.

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You will get 24Khz sample rate for voice recorder in a future update.  Thanks again.

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This is great news, I have used the voice recording option a number of times and have found the same issue with quality although it hasn’t been a show stopper for me as it is understandable when playing back.

Is there a way to control what quality is used for the voice recorder for memory management purposes?  I want to record at a lower quality than the default (esp. since on the latest firmware it has apparently been raised?).   I had an iRiver product that allowed me to do this.

Also, when I called to ask about this the support agent said that there was a 15 minute max on voice recordings.  I have not done a test but is this true?  I would like to be able to record indefinately.


Can someone record a sample with the voice recording function (while having the newer firmware installed)? Like just random noise outside/inside or talking. Then upload the file (encoded with HQ mp3, something like at least 160 kbps just so there won’t be any compression artifacts).

I’m seriously considering buying a Sansa Clip.

I’d much appreciate it.

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i agree we should have an option of what quality we want…as if we want to do longer recordings it will take up more space.