Radio Recording

I really want to purchase one of these but I need to know the specs on the radio record function.


#1: In what file format does it record? (.wav, mp3 ?)

#2: At what bitrate does it record? (96kbs? 128kbs? 256kbs?)

#3: How is the recording sound when played back?

Thanks ahead of time :slight_smile:

1.) .wav

2.) Pretty low

3.) About like you’d expect. Less than radio quality, which itself in the grand scheme of things is pretty crappy to begin with.


It’s plenty good enough for voice (which is what I imagine most people would want it for). For hifi capture of you favorite opera performance, perhaps something else.

Hi, I stumble upon a program which is available for ripping radio from bbc iplayer or internet radio.

  1. It may output audio files as MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG.

  2. It records audio in original quality.

  3. You can check the recording sound.

Pehaps you can get its free version at first.