Feature Request: Record FM/Voice to mp3

I think recording to mp3 is better than wav.

That way it does not takes to much space.


It’s a possibility, as I believe the processor can do it, but actively processing to MP3 takes a LOT of processor power in the process, as the wav file is buffered and squishhhhed.  The Clip is designed to optimize its wee battery.

Perhaps this is the limitation, trading battery life for memory space.

The advantage is that you can transfer your voice recording to the PC, build an MP3, and then tag it with a name that’s easier to remember than the sequential number assigned to it by the Clip.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

guess anything you want and know that its just a guess.  this is not a guess:: process power or not, a real issue is the licensing of mp3 encoding–period…