problem getting data on SD card

i copied my 8gb folder onto an sd card, but 99% of the folders show up empty and only 128 of 1000 mp3 are on the sd card, there was no error message though while copying and it took 1h to copy

what could it be

btw the card shows up EMPTY when i put it in the player - i used a adapter for copying

Sounds like a problem with the adaptor and/or card reader you used. Is it SD HC compliant? Not all are.

Why aren’t you transferring files to the card while the card is in your player? You can do that you know.

If most of the songs don’t show up on the player, it could be that they are in a format the player doesn’t support. Are you sure they are all mp3 files, and most aren’t AAC or some other Apple format? The player won’t display files in formats it doesn’t support. If the files aren’t properly tagged, they will show up on the player as unknown. The Clip+ needs ID3 V2.3 ISO8859-1 tags. When you go to settings, system sttings, info, what does it list for the number of songs?

Are all files types in that folder mp3’s? Or are some of them are in different format? 

Is there an echo in here? :confounded:

Simply repeating what the previous poster has said isn’t really helpful, now is it?