16gb card showing as [empty] on clip+

Hi, i have a sansa clip+ 4gb with firmware v01.02.15f. It has worked fine since I purchased it recently. The problem is it doesnt see the music on my 16gb sandisk class4 microsd card. It did see.the music on the card until i put a folder with 1500 mp3s (around 8gb) on it, now it just sais empty, even though they are visible on my pc. Does anybody know why it wont read the folder, i have heard there is a limit to how many mp3s you can have on it but it is only half full. Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Mat. Also, when i try my 8gb card it freezes everytime on sansa logo at startup and i have to reset.

How did you transfer the files to the card? Are you sure they are all mp3 files? Are the tags okay(ID3 v2.3 ISO 8859-1)?

Are the files deeply nested(ie. folders in folders, etc.). You need to give us more information.

You could try deleting all the files, then adding some of them back at a time to see what happens.

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Hi, sorry for the delay in replying I have been working abroad.

Thanks for your reply JK98.

I just wanted to explain that it works fine now.

I think the reason it wasnt recognizing the files, was because I transfered them onto the micro sd via a sd reader, and not while the card was in the sansa clip (via the sansa usb data cable).

I have had no problems since, I use it all the time, I am very pleased with it indeed =)

Thanks again, Mat.

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I have been working abroad.


Wow, after 2 months she must be pretty tired!



I had the same problem but it is now sorted.  I have an 8GB Scandisk Clip+ with an external 32GB micro-SD card.  Initially, the player would not recognise anything at all on the card.  It kept on displaying ‘empty’ on the player.  Please do not waste time trying to make the player do this as it is no use at all for quite complex reasons.

Just download a program called Rockbox from the net, which is free source.  Next, download the firmware for your player by going to the Scandisk website.

Run the installation for Rockbox and it will at some point ask you where the firmware for the player is on your hard drive.  Show it, continue the installation and this program instantly allows the external card to be recognised.  You are also able to transfer files using a micro-SD adapter for lightning quick transfer of files from your PC to the card.  Transferring files from PC to player directly is much slower.

This solved everything for me and I have been using this for a long time now.  Believe me, I initially trawled many forums looking for an answer - this is it.  Happy listening!


Rockbox has its own issues though. Aside from the added complexity, loading Rockbox on a player might make it permanently unable to play protected files. There is also a small chance that Rockbox could brick the player. Learn about the risks of Rockbox before trying it. Putting Rockbox on a player will also void the warranty.

Having the same problem with a 32Gb card.  I can put stuff on it, both using the micro SD as a drive and also loading it through the player.

It always shows as empty.

Is there a fix for this without doing too much messing with it?

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Having the same problem with a 32Gb card.   I can put stuff on it , both using the micro SD as a drive and also loading it through the player.


It always shows as empty.


Is there a fix for this without doing too much messing with it?

Define “stuff” please. What format of files are  you putting on it? Are they supported formats?

Additionally, have you checked the card with h2testw to make sure it’s not bad or counterfeit?

Tested the card.  Card is good.  With the card in the computer, I can fill it with FLAC files, yet when I move the card over to the Sansa Clip+, none of them show up.  When I then plug the Sansa into the computer to manipulate the files on the card, the card shows up as empty.