Pressing certain buttons refreshes media? Is this right?

I have an 8g Fuze (w/4g Sandisk micro SD card) running V01.01.22A.  I’ve found that when I’m riding my motorcycle wearing gloves and I go to move “back” a song or two (my Fuze is in my tank bag in the map pocket on top behind clear plastic) I inadvertently press some combination of buttons which causes it to refresh the media- does this sound right?  This is a huge pain since I then need to wait the couple minutes while it refreshes, then pull over and navigate back to wherever I was (usually on my Go list).  I did a search and didn’t find anything that looked like what’s happening to me, any thoughts? 

Update the firmware.

No that is not normal.  No combination of buttons (as far as I know) should cause a refresh of the media library.  As I said, update the firmware and see if that fixes the issue.  

This sounds more like a warranty issue.

No, it is not normal and were this an issue with firmware, we would have heard about it before. No one else has claimed similar symptoms with any of the firmware versions since the Fuze’s debut. So I doubt very seriously whether it will be fixed by updating the firmware.

My advice would be to take it (or send it) back to where you got it for a replacement, or barring that contacting SanDisk directly for an RMA ( R eturn M erchandise A uthorization) and have them replace it for you.