Fuze Refreshing Media randomly - anyone had this problem?

Hi, I have a sansa fuze 8gb + 8gb micro sd, about a month old.

When the player is in my pocket + locked, it occasionally goes to ‘refreshing media’, and often freezes during the process. It seems to happen when small amounts of pressue is applied to the player, or on the earphone jack. When I say pressure, I only mean the normal pressue/movement that can happen when you start walking.

Anyone else had this problem? Or does anyone know why this would happen?


Do you have the latest firmware loaded on the unit? If not that could be your issue!!  George

I am having exactly the same problem. At first I suspected corrupt ID3 tagged MP3’s, but after selectively only loading tracks which were only tagged with ISO v2.3 I was continuing to see the problem (sporadic reboots, switch offs).

After reading what you said about pressure being applied to the unit, I tested it some more. Lightly using the directional pad to barely register presses was mostly ok (although it might still whitescreen on me). However, any moderate pressure on the wheel would cause the unit to hang, even if the unit was locked with the hold switch.

I guess I need to contact my vendor and arrange an RMA. Mine is running firmware v01.01.22f for what it’s worth…

I made sure it has the latest firmware. I think I will send it back and see if it can be repaired / replaced. I was just curious whether it was a common problem, and likely to happen again.