Preloaded Music Clip?

Does anyone know what music came preloaded on their clip and if all clips came with the same music?  I accidentally formatted my clip not knowing i would loose the music and would like to find some of the music because I really liked one of the songs.  Also is there any way to recover this music? 
Thanks for any help and sorry if this has already been posted.  I am really enjoying my Clip and hope to learn a lot more about it on this board.

Artist / Album / Song

Alias & Ehren / Lillian / Cobbelstoned Waltz
Heavyweight Dub Champion /   Survival Guide For The End Of Time / Return Of The Champion
Jones Gang / Any Day Now / Angel
The Shanghai Restoration Project feat. Amos Winbush /    The Shanghai Restoration Project / Babylon of the Orient

Thats what I had pre-loaded on mine, cant say if its all the same or not. (i only have one ^_^)

 Thanks a lot!!  I guess I will have to find my own means of downloading them.  Hopefully i can get them on my free rhaphosdy trial that the clip came with.

seems like theybe on the FW?

    I just updated the firmware (actually used my powerbook g4)  Unfortunately the music did not reappear.  Any other ideas?

yes, delete all folders on msc and mtp… ALL folders… then update FW…disconnect… i did and all songs appeared
edit ::  i think i deleted all info (not just folders)–everything in both modes

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doin that wont bring the music back. You wouldn ahve to download it from somewhere again.

    I have just reinstalled the firmware and the music didnt reappear.  I guess i will have to download the songs from another source. Still it was worth a shot.

tried to repeat it… cant… i guess for the first time ever, i be full of it…and i aint happy bout that
sorry… i can find them and i can upload … anyone gonna jump my azz for sharin?..

PM the user and get his email, deal with that on the side, dont spam it for everyone to see. Im sure sandisk isnt trying to promote illegal trading of music.

he already owned it… do you work for sansa? whats yer authoritah? i was gonna do that anyway, then ya got me started as if you do have authoritah and i just wanna know, now

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nope, i just do stuff like this for a living… its entertaining. But im also no foreign to business and the general forum rules. I’m on some xbox forums as well.

how you make $ on free forums?

lol, i dont make money on free forums. I do IT for a living, messing with mp3 players and various other electronics. Im into personal mods for electronics and thigns of that nature. The guy that runs anythingbutipod… he does get paid for that, although the moderators and what not do it for free.

I need help with the opposite, I can’t find these songs in explorer when i browse the c250 sansa player …i need to delete them (they ■■■■!) cause they sometimes plays when i have the shuffle option and play all songs funktion, …i cant find them anywhere …ffs :confused: Anybody know how to delete them?

The songs are visible on your computer when you are connected in MTP mode (when connected in MTP mode the computer only shows the songs transferred to the player in MTP mode; when connected in MSC mode the computer only shows the songs transferred to the player in MSC mode).

You also can delete the songs by reformatting the player under setttings (but which will delete all content on the player–transfer anything you want to keep to your computer first).

…and how do i change “mode” so that i can se them …i have look all over in that crappy sansa media converter program :confused: …don’t find anything on where to change mode :expressionless:

thats becuase your looking in the wrong place. Its on the player itself, not a program.

With version .18 and higher, it’s on the player under Settings/USB.  If you have below that, you can force MSC mode by putting the player into hold and then plugging the USB between player and computer while pressing the center button down.

My hunch is, you need to upgrade your firmware.

Hmm i can’t find that option on the player - how and where?