Preinstalled music

This is a shot in the dark but maybe someone can help.  A couple of years ago I bought my first sansa 2gb mp3   it came preloaded with music, most of which i did not like, but one song was great!  It was a strange reggae mix of some sort by someone I had never heard of.  I can’t remember the name or the artist.  That sansa got stolen and I bought a new one but all the music was different.   Anyone have any clue what song I might be talking about?  I would love to find it online and download.  Any suggestions are welcome!

I don’t know which song you’re asking about, but there’s a list of all the songs (I think) Sandisk has/had licensed and preinstalled here.

I also have question about the preinstalled songs, I hope you don’t mind if I ask it here. I deleted those songs because I didn’t like them, but their sound quality was much better than any of the songs I have. However, when I tried to check their properties I couldn’t, as they were hidden (not exactly hidden, but every data was set to 0) Does anyone know what these data might be? 

Thank- you so much!!! I will see if the one I am looking for is in this list!