Mystery music on new 4Gb Clip

Hi All,

This is my first post, I hope I get this all right!

I just received my new 4Gb Clip, and loaded a bunch of music onto it using Winamp. Strangely, there is some music on there that I did not download (!). Is this normal? I presume that it is something Sandisk put there as a promo or something, but I cannot find the audio files anywhere on the Clip. The atists are “Alias & Ehren”, “The Jones Gang”, “The Red Thread”, & “The Shanghai Restoration Project”.

I’ve manually deleted them, but am intersted to know if this is something other people have found.



Those songs are preloaded on every Sansa. Older Sansas came with even more (18 or so).

Oh, and the reason you couldn’t find them is they were in hidden folders.

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The preloaded songs were put on your player by SanDisk in MTP mode (there are 2 player USB connection modes, MSC and MTP).  When you connect to your computer in MSC mode, your computer only sees files loaded in that mode; likewise as to MTP mode.  You can switch modes under Settings/USB.

So that my computer sees all my Clip’s files all the time, I keep my Clip set to MSC mode (rather than MTP mode or auto, in which the Clip will try for MTP mode and then default, if needed, to MSC mode).  MSC mode has your player seen like an external drive, and is fairly universal; however, it does not “do” DRM’ed files–you need MTP mode for that.

Hope this helps–