Pre-loaded music...?

So I just picked up a brand new 4GB clip. Awesome little player; works like a charm with my Mac. 

However. After charging it, adding music, and then installing the most recent firmware, I find the Clip contains a handful of songs by artists that are not in my collection. I can only conclude that they were on the player to begin with.

Since there’s no mention of pre-loaded music in the literature, I’m assuming this is a used Clip, or possibly a refurb. It was sealed in plastic, and appeared to be a brand new unit, but I’d rather not know my new player is technically second-hand, so I plan to return it.

Has this happened to anyone else? 

It’s on every new Clip and Fuze…presumably so you can pull it right out of the box and sample it’s goodness :smiley:

The Clip does contain 5 free songs; actually all mp3 players I’ve come across came with some sample songs preloaded.

I’ve listed the songs that came with my Clip (4GB) in this thread: The Songs That Came with the 2 gig clip.

Seriously…? There are like three tracks, all by rather obscure and arbitrary artists. I’d have thought the manual might have given me a heads-up if the Clip was supposed to come with sample tracks. It says that to play music I need to drag my own tracks into the music folder - no mention that I might find stuff in there already. I don’t take to this at all! 

Edit: Just read eliasf’s post and the link to the other thread. Yep, those are the songs on my Clip. Very glad I checked this issue out here before doing anything! 

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The sample tracks are there for you to try out the Clip before loading music.

Think what would happen if all the device said was “Empty” as you tried it out for the first time.  SanDisk loaded the files for you to try the wee beastie out!

The tracks were loaded in MTP mode, and are not available while connected in MSC.  You can delete the files by using the device’s built-in Format command, which erases all music from the device.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: