Preloaded Music Clip?

“thats becuase your looking in the wrong place. Its on the player itself, not a program.”

…hmm okay i can’t find that option on the player - how and where?

Yes thanx Miikerman :) … i’ll try that firmware upgrade i think cause i’ve tried all other things already - can’t believe it can be such a huge project deleting some files - that’s just sad…

It’s just the MSC/MTP mode distinction, and the unfortunate fact that they are invisible to each other on the computer (but not to the player).  Once you’re set up in one mode or the other (and know about this!), you’re fine.

You could also copy your content from the Clip back to your PC, and then simply format the Clip (it’s in the Settings menu). Then all that factory stuff is «PooF» …gone like a mouse in front of a shotgun