Anyone know where to download the original songs

The original 19 songs.

No, but I want to because my little sister formatted it and I lost EVERYTHING ! I need the list of the songs, though, cause its brand new so I can use the trial Rhapsody membership to download them. Do you have the list?

Well, I can’t give them to you, I imagine, but I backed them up before I formatted my own shiny new 8GB.  Here’s what I have:

Alias & Ehren/Lillian/Alias & Ehren - Cobbelstoned Waltz.mp3
Andrew Paul Woodworth/Single/Andrew Paul Woodworth - Starting To Turn.mp3
Chris Clouse/Single/Chris Clouse - Mona Lisa.mp3
Felonious/Up To Something/Felonious - The Music.mp3
Franc D’Ambrosio/Single/Franc D’Ambrosio - Danny Boy.mp3
Gretchen Lieberum/Siren Songs/Gretchen Lieberum - You Closer.mp3
Kevin Carlberg/When The Muse Visits/Kevin Carlberg - Morning After.mp3
Loquat/It’s Yours To Keep/Loquat - Swingset Chain.mp3
Los Pinguos/Single/Los Pinguos - Fumaza.mp3
Recliner/Single/Recliner - Leaving Hollywood.mp3
Red Thread/Ship in the Attic, Birds in the Subway/The Red Thread - Wax Museum.mp3
Stroke 9/Cafe Cuts/Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack.mp3
Stroke 9/Cafe Cuts/Stroke 9 - Next Time.mp3
The Caroline Movement/West By God/The Caroline Movement - Highway Appeal.mp3
The Jones Gang/Single/The Jones Gang - Angel.mp3
The Procession/Single/The Procession - Major & Minor.mp3
The Shanghai Restoration Project feat. Amos Winbush/The Shanghai Restoration Project/The Shanghai Restoration Project & Amos Winbush - Babylon of the Orient.mp3
The Slip/Single/The Slip - Even Rats.mp3
Umphrey’s McGee/Safety In Numbers/Umphreys McGee - Women Wine and Song.mp3

(P.S. I love this player!  I am having a teeny bit of a problem with tags, mostly on Vorbis files, but I’m trying to see what I can do about that…)

 know the songs, but can anyone upload a rar. file of all the songs that was put into one folder and upload it on rapidshare. it will be greatly appreciated

anyone at all?

Some may be able to but probably wont. There was a thread on here a few days ago and the legality of what you are asking was called into question. Nobody knew for sure if the music was licensed to sansa as a 1 time shot to be installed with the fuze and thats it or whether the files were indeed “Free” I would suggest using your rhapsody free trial to get them. If it does come out that you have “Payed for them” when you bought the fuze you can use limewire or something like it to download them

k thnx

last one

Even if it were legal to upload a .rar of them, I doubt anyone would because .rar files are a format that people have to pay for as opposed to plain old Zip files that are free.

oh well, thnx