Question before buying a Sansa Fuze.

I am thinking of buying a Sansa Fuze, before I do I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me what sites I can go to to buy songs individually with it. I do not want to have to pay a monthly subscription like with Rhapsody. Any help would be appreciated.

you can purchase songs individually from Rhapsody and i think Napster as well, but i would suggest Amazon their music downloads are DRM free.

You don’t have to subscribe to purchase MP3 music from Rhapsody.  They even have a free download manager application (just checked

There are many sites available for downloads, like Amazon, Napster, even WallyMart, I think.

The beauty of the Sansa is that the sound is superb, and you’re not locked into iTunes.

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If you’re not concerned about mainstream music, I would recommend They have a lot of independent bands, and as far as I know are still the #2 online reseller in terms of songs sold (though Amazon may have taken that). Its a monthly subscription (for a specified number of songs per month), but you get to keep the songs and you can stop and restart your account so you don’t have to maintain an ongoing subscription (just subscribe and un-subscribe as you like).

Plus, you get a free month with 30 free songs right off the bat. If you search around a bit you could probably find links that would get you 100 free songs. I’ve found some that might work just by doing a Google search, but I’m not going to post them here.

If you don’t care about staying with the mainstream bands, I’d recommend Magnatunes. Here is the “Why we’re not evil” section off their front page:

“We work directly with independent musicians world-wide to give you downloads of MP3s and perfect-quality WAV files. We never work with major labels, and our musicians always get 50%. You can listen to every album in its entirety before buying or becoming a member.”

You can also go with Amazon or any other music service, but I’d definitely recommend checking to make sure that they don’t DRM your files, because if they do, you’re paying for something that you don’t actually own (DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and in the case of someone else DRMing your files, they are managing your rights, not you managing your own rights).

I know from experiance many bands offer music for purchace directly through their website. This is cool because it pays the band and not a retailer.