please help? i need a new source for music... really bad!! and urgent

what are places i can go where i can get unlimited music downloads for one price.

i dont care if its for a limited amount of time… just what are they. i dont want to use limewire anymore, after the stories i’ve heard.

and i mean places that are like i tunes, or napster, but what which ones have the best deals.

Try E-music. and Rhapsody has somethin. Also dont uninstall Limewire, there are websites like where new artists put their music for free download under the Creative Commons License, and these are usually Torrent files so you can use Limewire to download

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Check The Media Guide in WMP there are 14 different stores you can try out.

Emusic has varios plans, but none are unlimited.  Rhapsody has a subscription that gets you DRM’d access to everything as long as you stay subscribed. has some sort of “everything for one price” plan. 

can a zune pass work with sansa fuze?

I don’t know of any places that offer ‘unlimited’ downloads for 1 price. E-music is one that was suggested, and although their prices are good, their selection is a little weak, but it depends on what type of music you’re looking for. Personally, I would steer clear of Rhapsody, or Napster or any one of the ‘subscription’ services, because of the DRM issue and complications. Yes, Rhapsody has a couple of plans and it’s one monthly fee, and you do get ‘access’ to tons of music with their channels, but you don’t own it. You’re only ‘renting’ it. As long as you pay, they will play. If you stop, you walk away with nothing, unless you pay an additional per song fee to ‘own’ it.

Why don’t you rip your own music from CD’s? I’m sure you must have some, and maybe some friends will loan you theirs. Also, if you don’t know, most libraries loan out media as well as books. This includes CD’s and DVD’s. Depending on where you live and the community system, this can be a veritable gold mine for free music. All it takes is a little library card. And it’s free too.

I’m lucky where I live that there is a county system with several branches and a city system, also with several branches. With 2 free library cards I can go to 10 + different libraries all within 15 miles of my house and peruse each one’s collection and borrow up to 20 at a time for up to 3 weeks without renewing.

They have all different genres, so finding something you like is not usually a problem. I’ve found close to a 100 so far to add to my collection. All it cost me was the gas to get there. And I usually waited until I was in the neighborhood anyway to stop and didn’t make that many special trips. I even rode my bike to a couple, so the ones I got there were absolutely FREE.

Something you may consider is the availibility of Free music directly from Artists and Labels. For Instance Harvey Danger Released their 2005 album Little by Little as a free torrent. Visit When you sign up for their mailing list you can choose from 2 albums for free downloads, and of you go to spesific artists in Roadrunner’s site most have free tracks to download. I know Epitaph Records usually has 3 or 4 random tracks for free as well.