Poor Security

When you open a file in the vault, it makes an unencrypted file with the real name in your appdata folder.

Sometimes when the file has been closed and then SecureAccess is closed, the file will be deleted. Sometimes it won’t.

If you have a scheduled backup which includes the appdata folders and it occours while you have the unencrypted file resident, the unsecure file will be backed up.

When you are dealing with a client’s proprietary files, this is completely unacceptable.

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This is the exact reason I just created an account. Just to agree with you.

I just found out:

More often than not, and certainly if one does not close the sandisk secureaccess application correctly; our so-called “encrypted” files remain in the windows: appdata/local/temp folder… Look for the sandisk secureaccess v3/v2 folder and you will find your files right there.: not encrypted and with their names still intact… wow…

100% unacceptable behaviour for encryption-software. Just using un-encrypted files is actually better than using this software; since when using the sandisk secureAccess one must constantly risk “leaving files behind” in the temp folder.

Please, at least inform people of this behaviour/vulnerability (at the first use of the software)… if you cannot fix it.