User error or glitch?


Using a Cruzer Extreme 32GB USB3 drive on a Win7 PC.

Accidentally deleted the .exe file from my USB disk, which meant I couldn’t access the vault.  Downloaded it again and ran it, but after I entered my password and clicked on “Next” on the 4 ways to add files splash screen, the app immediately crashed with a Windows message advising it had to be closed down.

Had to delete both vault and .exe, and start again.  Thankfully I had put the files in a temp folder on my desktop, so nothing was lost.

Unless I’m missing something, this is a pretty useless app, as it does nothing to actually protect your data?  If anyone can view the 2 files on the USB disk, and can choose to delete the .exe., the vault seems to be rendered inaccessible, and the data’s lost.

Surely the app should auto-run when inserted into a PC, and there should be no way to edit either vault or .exe of the SecureAccess files on the key, without inputting the password.

Is it just me?



This is only a password protection and encryption app. All it does is protect your files from being viewed by someone that does not have the password. It does not protect against accidental or malicious deletion.