SanDisk SecureAccess NOT secure

Sandisk SecureAccess software is not secure at all, if you wish to use the files you are securing.

When you store files in the “vault” they get encrypted (AES-128) on the drive and all is fine. Let’s say you wish to recall a bank account number that is on one of your files.  When you open up a file in the “vault” you actually decrypt the file to a read-only copy that is stored on your local hard-drive in the following location (win7):


You then finish with the file and close it, close the vault, which reassuringly tells you your data is secure!  However, the RO copy of your “secured” file still remains on the local hard drive, and will continue to do so until you reboot, or perhaps logout, which, for laptop users may be very infrequently.

This method of dealing with secure files is terribly insecure.

Slight correction.  If you close the software with the “X” box in the upper right, it closes and tells you that your vault is safely locked. This copy of your “secured” file is still hanging around.

You then need to Right-Click the vault icon in your tray, and select “exit”.  This then removes the RO file.

Still, highly insecure IMHO

Not to mention the ridiculously slow encryption times.