temp file

When I open a file on a usb drive that is protected with secure access 2.0 it automaticly saves the file to a temp folder. Normal USB drives do not do this. Has anyone else had this problem and if so is there away to not have the file saved.

When a user needs to access a protected file, the protection must temporarily be removed from that file so that the file can be read by programs like Word or Powerpoint. These programs cannot read the protected files directly when they are encrypted. The temporary file is securely deleted afterwards.

We must keep in mind that this application’s goal is to protect documents while in transit or storage. As soon as a user wants to access the content, he or she should only do that on a computer they trust. Opening a file on an untrusted computer is never a good idea and should be avoided at any time. (Memory scrapers for example can read the computer’s memory and make a shadow copy of the data while it is presented on the screen.)

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It does, however, seem to matter exactly how you log off from SecureAccess.v2. If you don’t use the ‘Log Off’ button, then the temp file is left undeleted and is unencrypted.


For what it’s worth https://medium.com/@esterling_/cve-2017-16560-sandisk-secure-access-leaves-plain-text-copies-of-files-on-disk-4eabeca6bdbc talks about this flaw, too.