plz help!!!

i uploaded 7 albums to my fuze…roughly 50 songs…when i try to add more to a 4gig memory which should hold more than 50 songs…it deletes the first album i added…soo if anyone has had this problem or knows of a way to fix it PLZ let me know

Are you looking at teh Recently added list? If so that is limited to 50 songs. Try looking at the Albums or songs lists. Make sure everything is still there.

Yes indeed, on the Fuze navigate to Music > Songs and you will now see every track.

The Recently Added function is a convenience feature, most helpful if you have just added a few tracks.  If you have many songs loaded, finding that cool new album, that you _can’t for the life of you remember the title of , _ simply check the Recently Added list for the latest transfers.

Enjoy your new Sansa!!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: