Recently not added?

So I just got a new Fuze (it’s a silver, 8GB) for Christmas and it works great, but there’s one slight problem.

Everything on it works perfectly fine, except for the “recently added” list. For some reason, only a handful of bunch of random songs appear on that list and every time I add a new song, it doesn’t get added to that list like my old Fuze used to. It still adds the song to every other menu (“play all,” “artist,” “album,” etc.), but not to the “recently added” list. It’s not a big deal, but I’m just curious why it does this and how to possibly fix it. 

Like I said, it works perfectly fine otherwise, so this isn’t a big deal, but any help would be appreciated.

Dunno. But you could try reloading or updating the firmware.

Use the Manual method. There’s no need to install the updater.

Or, basically, see what hardware version your unit is. (Settings/System Settings/Info/ version–begins with 1 or 2.) Go to the All Regions link for 1 or 2 and download the  .zip file. Unzip it and drag FuzeA.bin onto your Sansa Fuze driveletter.

How many songs are you adding at a time? I believe the Recently Added list only shows a maximum of 10 tracks. And they may stay on there until they are played once. That may be why if you add a new song, it isn’t added to this list.