Problem associated with listing of songs in the fuze

When I sync songs to my fuze using windows media player they sync perfectly.but when I go to the recently added list on the fuze they do not show.but when I try finding them under artists,songs,genre.etc they turn out perfectly.why is this happening?is it common to all users or is it happening only to me?

any help would be appreciated.

I really don’t know…I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the recently added menu, to be honest.:smiley:

The recently Added list is limited to the 50 most recent songs placed on the Fuze. If the older songs are disappearing off of that list, then thats normal. If the songs you Just added arnt there then there is an issue somewhere.

Hey,if I have a song of Taylor swift on my fuze,and when I sync another song to my fuze which is another song of Taylor swift it is not shown on top of the recently added list,but when I scrolled down the recently added list it was there with the other Taylor swift songs which I synced about 5-6 days back.then I researched about this and found out that every song I synced of an artist which was on my fuze it stacked up among the same artist in the recently added list.