Recently Added Not Updating

This is the second 4 gb Fuze I’ve owned (they were exactly the same), and on the first one, the Recently Added feature updated every time I added new music. This one has never updated the list from the time I first added music. This feature is probably the one I used most frequently on the first one as I usually forget some of the new songs I put on it. Any help anyone can give me regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

It can’t hurt to try updating the firmware, or replacing it even if you have the current version. From here.

Use the manual method, with the All Regions link.  There’s no point in installing the updater, since it’s unlikely that there will be any more updates. 

What I just found is that you have to be in MSC mode to update the firmware.

Now I will add some tracks and see if “recently added” is updating … 

nope didn’t work !!!

If you have a huge number of files you may have reached the limit of the database. That’s the index made from the ID3 tags in the files and it has a limit on the number of characters it can hold. Depending on how many characters are in your tags, it can run out of space if you have around 5000  files. 

Scroll down Artist or Album and see if the end of the alphabet is missing. If it is, then you have maxed out the database.

The alternate firmware at manages the database so you don’t run out of space.  But look into the Rockbox manual before you install.