What is the definition of "Recently Added" songs

The word “Recently Added” sound simple, but what if someone add and then delete the sane MP3 file, or move around to different folders, or copy the same file to different folders?  I am looking for definition of how the Fuse program internally regard something as “Recently Added”.  Thanks!

Mine only does songs I just synced.  Either to the card or internal memory.  And it only holds so many, about 50, recently added items.  I haven’t tried moving them, I usually try to put them where I want them before I sync them.  If the song is put on another ablum (same song, different album) and synced that second time, then it will appear on there, it seems like to me.  I bought one song and then later an album (it was only $1.99 couldn’t pass it up and wanted the other songs) and the newest song on shows on the recently added because I recently synced it.

So I’m guessing newly synced songs get put on there.

If I accidentally do a podcast or audiobook and not label it for the a podcast or audiobook, then it ends up there too (that’s how I double check that).

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The recently added queue is one of the things that makes the Fuze so cool.  The device keeps a rolling list starting with the latest transfer.

Compared to its sister unit, the e200v2, being able to find those tasty titles I loaded a few hours ago is a breeze via this listing.  Otherwise, I need to remember the titles.

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Right but I am in the same boat as the origional poster… How Long is an item recently added? Is this a linguistics issue, with recently meaning the last added files (recent or not). I added 100 songs yesterday so shouldnt they all be on the list?

Your songs will be available by Album, Artist, Genre, or Song title, as they should.  The “recently added” is designed as a convenience to find that last transfer.  It’s truncated at about 50 tracks. 

If you make a transfer en masse, or hundreds of tracks, finding them through “recently added” becomes more of a moot point.  Everything is considered recent.

If you cannot locate your songs via the tags, download MP3Tag or use the Advanced Tag Editor in Windows Media Player, and fix the tag data.

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WMP keeps “recently added” for 30 days, so I guess if you have synced then maybe Fuze will also use the 30 days?