recently added list problems

So my problem is this, I got a new fuze and started syncing all my music onto this one.  I had about 70 music files not in wmp 11 that i just copied and pasted directly on to the fuze memory and not through wmp 11.  The problem is that since I did that, my “Recently Added” list only shows those songs that I pasted onto the memory.  I have synced hundreds of songs since then using wmp 11 and they never show up on the recently added.  I havn’t had any problems with any of the music I pasted on it, other than always on the “Recently Added” list. Is there any way of fixing this with out having to wipe the memory on my fuze and starting over?

Message Edited by depthcharge on 09-09-2009 07:23 PM

Try to create a folder in the player and ty to transfer the receently added songs in that folder :wink: