Sansa Fuze+

I am having trouble with the songs in the Music folder - no matter how many songs I download the player is only showing a playlist of 10 songs.   I have deleted these numerous times and have used a variety of ways to load the songs - Windows Media Player Sync, windows explorer, etc.   No matter what I do only 10 songs show in the playlist.

I would appreciate any advice as I am getting tired of downloading 10 songs at a time for my daughter.

I am using Version 01.32.00 A.

Ah, you need tap the center “button” once to open the Music section. The 10 songs you see is simply the most recent.  After transferring songs and playing a few, you’ll see that the smaller album covers rotate to the most recently played.

Try tapping at the center, and you’ll find your music!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: