Only shows 50 out of 82 songs.

Hello.I recently updated my Sansa player with the new firmware and when I go into music and choose recently added,it only shows 50 out of 82 songs.Is it suppose to do that?

YEAH… The Recently added only shows the last 50 songs you added. 

So,instead of showing all 82 like before,it’ll only show 50 of them?

They did that because Users asked for it. The problem was that if in 1 day you added 2000 songs, all of them would be on that list and it became impossible to navigate. The implemented solution was to limit Recently Added, to the 50 MOST RECENTLY ADDED.

Indeed.  You can find all of your songs by selecting Album, Song, Genre, Artist, etc, as long as the tag information is correct on your files.  Well, you can also navigate using folder mode too, come to think of it.

Bob  :wink:

Ah.I got it.Thanks for the help.:smiley: