Recently Added Playlist

Hello everyone i have buy today my sansa fuze , and it a good one but im worried my  recently added playlist is blocked at 50 tracks i want to know how i can open this problem

And i want to know how i can put my album art ??

thx everyone for your help

The GoList has a song limit of 50 entries. But you can put additional playlists on your Fuze (via your computer). Do a search for ‘playlists’. There’s also a How-To Video on how to do it in the How-To Video board.

You can also search for ‘album art’.

And we can make this golist had a song limit of 500 entries???

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No, the limit on the GoList is 50 , not 500 songs! No way to change that. But you are free to add more playlists (with more than 50 songs) if you like.