how many songs on a playlist

I have a 500 some song playlist, which synced to the Sansa, but when I choose the playlist, it only lists and plays the first 250 songs. Do you have a firmware update coming out soon to correct this and remove the limit? do you have issue with this? :wink:

This is already corrected in the latest Clip firmware, so hopefully it will be coming to the Fuze very soon.  I’m anxiously awaiting this one as well.

From the release notes:

  • Handle playlists up to 1000 songs.  Fixed playlists with large count taking long time to load.
    • Note: Playlist limited to 1000 songs only applied to .pla playlist.  For .m3u playlist, there is no limitation.

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so what could be the fix for my concern?

There is no fix at the moment.  The max number is 250.  Hopefully this number will be increased in the future.  You could buy a clip if you really need 1000 songs.

Go Sansa!