Please treat .mov's like .jpg's

The Media Player can transfer iPhone and iPad photos to AND from the Camera Roll.  Why can’t it transfer the videos I shot and saved on my Media Player back into the Camera Roll where they can be accessed by iMovie, or any other such apps?

Maybe this is another situation where the “Open In…” functionality would save the day?

Are there any plans or interest on the part of SanDisk to facilitate transfer of camera video from the Media Drive into the Camera Roll?  I am hearing in other iPhone forums that other WiFi storage devices offer the ability to transfer .mov into the Camera Roll so that these user videos can be accessed by iMovie, etc.  I would hope that SanDisk understands the need for this function, and can meet the competition.

The SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive product line transfers mov files to the camera roll. I have not seen any plans to change the functionality of the Media Drive. If you main use case is editing videos that are transferred from the Wireless drive to the iOS device you may want to look at the Wireless flash drive product. 

Thank you for your reply to my question.  Are you saying that it was a conscious decision to treat user videos differently than photos, in terms of ability to transfer to Camera Roll?  Can you say why the Flash Drive has this function but the Media Drive doesn’t?

That is not my main use case, BTW.  I have lots of uses for this device, and for almost all of them this device works very well, so I think I made the right choice overall.  I was hoping that this one issue was an oversight, since it seemed odd to treat video differently than photos, and thus might get fixed in an upcoming firmware update.

In any case, I hereby register my vote in favor of allowing video transfer to camera roll.

The WMD and the WFD are two completely different hardware platforms and have completely different design teams. While they have similar functionality the products are quite different. I have however passed your suggestion along to the dev team. 

Thanks again for the reply and explanation, and for passing along my suggestion.  All are very appreciated.