Transfered video to ipad

I uploaded a video from WMD, it says it’s in my iPad but I can’t find it. When you save a video from the device to the iPad, where does it go?

It’s in the Media Drive app on your iPad.  In the app, look at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll see where you can select between Drive and iPad.  Unlike photos, videos are not transferred to your camera roll.  IMO, this is a flaw in either the design or implementation of the app, as there’s no way to transfer your camera videos to iMovie, for instance.

I suggest getting the iPad app “nPlayer”.  It’s a video playing app that can connect by ftp to your WMD, and does a much better job of playing videos.  You can transfer videos to that app, and then it will allow you to “Open In…” such apps as iMovie, if your goal is to edit your videos.