Getting videos into camera roll

Just purchased a SanDisk Media Player, and have been very happy and satisfied so far. 

Is there a way to get videos from the Media Player (or SD card) into the camera roll of the iPad, so that they would be accessible by other apps?  For example, I’d like to be able to get these videos into iMovie.  I figured out how to do this with photos (create a photo album in the SanDisk app, and put the photos in there), but I don’t see a similar approach for videos.

you have to keep pressing the icon while dowloaded locally in your sandisk app, then you will be able to copy to camera roll…

AH! I was forgetting, it works only in the Ipad version of IOS8… Sandisk can you help us with this?  You already have this option active on the Flash version of the same app…

thank you in advance.

Davide Formica

FYI, I figured out how to solve my original problem, which was to get video from my WMD into iMovie for editing.  (So, I didn’t really need the intermediate step of getting it into the camera roll.)  Again, it was the app “nPlayer”, with its “Open In” functionality, to the rescue.