New "Open In..." Feature for Videos

I was excited to see this new feature in the Media App update description, thinking it would finally allow me to get my iPhone and camera videos into iMovie on my iPad.  But no such “Open In…” option appears for these .mov files!  Does it only apply to video files not supported by the WMD?  Will I EVER be able to get my videos into iMovie?

I would be very greatful if someone could please pass this request for very basic functionality to the development team.  Or better yet, tell me there’s already a way to do it that I’ve somehow missed, and/or show me what I’m doing wrong.

nPlayer FTW!!! Turns out after you download a video to the iPad with nPlayer you can “Open In…” other apps, including iMovie! Not quite as universal as downloading to the camera roll (which the WMD app should do, just like it does for photos), but a very useful workaround for me.