Editing videos

I want to load my go pro videos to the media drive and edit them through the Imovies app on my iPad but the app doesn’t link with the media drive is there a way to do this?


The app can access only the camera roll and all the files that are saved there inside. As far as i know this is a limitation of Apple that gives access to only this place for the app to store and upload the files to the media drive.

It may that there are other options to access the files from other apps but im not familiar with apple products.

Yes, this is a frustrating limitation of the software – no reason user-made videos can’t be treated like photos.  But, once again, nPlayer app to the rescue!  If you transfer the video from your WMD into nPlayer, then nPlayer will let you do “Open In…”, and iMovie is one of the options.  Of course, the SanDisk app could do this…but it doesn’t.