Please Help Me ! :]

Hi i want to buy sansa m250 2gb because clip to small for me

I want to ask if i would use rechargable battery my sansa would lag or no?

because on simple battery its 1.5 V on rechargable its 1.2V

please help me, thanks :]

sorry for bad english.

rechargable batteries work fine with m200. No lag.

how you think sansa clip is better or no?

I think its better. Rechargable, more features, and newer updates. M200 will not have more updates.

Hey Enigma,

Rechargeable batteries are not reccomended for the m200 series.  Please search the FAQ for “rechargeable” and you should find the FAQ:

“Why does the backlight for the m200’s display shut off sooner than it is set to or not turn on at all?”

The answer is:

The battery is probably low and the player shuts off the backlight to conserve battery life.

Replace the battery with a new alkaline battery.

NOTE: Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for use with the m200 series.

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Actually on an Alkaline battery, the initial voltage is 1.59 to 1.62 volts, depending on how long it has been on the shelf.  With a rechargeable, the initial voltage is 1.4 which is barely above the voltage when the meter on the m200 shows half life (1.18 volts), and only .28 volts above when the backlite stops lighting.  Each time a rechargeble battery is recharged, it loses capacity, until it no longer holds enough charge to operate correctly. Also, just below the point of no backlite, the m200 stops saving variables during power off, and it’s also during this time that so many users experience lockups that turn their units into a piece of junk. It happened to me. 


For a table listing the voltage readings at various points of the battery life, please see the following:

Notice that when the m200 battery gets so low it goes into “destruct mode”, it still shows 1/4 on the meter.