No Backround light



My M240 background light does not work, Changed battery with fresh rechargable, no help, please advise. TY  :o)

try a new alkaline battery - NOT rechargable … people say they work better

A brand new “throw away” alkaline cell will start out at about 1.55 volts. The voltage will drop steadily as it’s used.

A NiMh rechargable cell will start out close to 1.40 volts when fully charged. It will drop to about 1.3 volts fairly quickly, then stay about the same until about 80% discharged. After that, the voltage will drop faster.

There are websites that show discharge curves for all kinds of batteries if you’re interested. By the way, the AAA is a cell, not a battery. A battery is technically 2 or more cells in series. A rectangular 9 volt battery is a “battery”. It contains multiple cells. Your car battery is a true battery, it contains six cells. Single AAA’s, AA’s, C;s, and D’s are actually “cells”. Four AA’s in a radio would be a battery. If you want to be picky, your m200 player operates on a AAA cell, not a AAA battery. I know, everyone calls them AAA batteries, but they’re really cells. Now you can sound really smart, just like me. :smileyvery-happy:

The LCD backlight in the m200 players will work if the battery voltage is about 1.25 or higher. Below 1.25, the player still works, but the light is disabled. When the voltage drops to about 1.1 volts, the player turns off.

I have mainly used rechargable NiMh cells in my player and they work fine. I guess if you use yours in the dark a lot, alkaline cells would be best.  

I used almost exclusively Ni-MH batteries in my m240 for the 14 months I had it.  I am now using the same set in a m250 with no incident.  I spent like $6 for green ones with a cheapo car charger at Wal-Mart so it isnt like I got good ones.  Yeah they will peter out slowly at the end of a charge but i say you cant beat them for the cost.  If the backlight isnt coming on with a fully charged alkaline then its your player.  If it does come on maybe its time to get new rechargables.