Reachargable Batteries

Can I use Ni-Mh rechargable AAA batteries with my sansa

Word on the street is… that Ni-Mh is 2nd best to rechargable Alkaline.  In a perfect world, the Ni-Mh is good, but can through long use aprox. 7-10 years can corrupt the contacts of the device. 

Alkaline on the other hand, will not wear down the contacts, but word is they are more prone to leakage… which will damage the contacts.

Pick your poison!

You can’t use rechargable batteries in the m200 series of the Sansa products.

Alkaline batteries are the safest bet!

You sure birdie?
I remember that I bought a blue m230 512MB sansa running on rechargable batteries.

Funny thing is I’ve had it for 3 years now and the NIMH battery in it is still going and going and going.

Oh look, I still have it (or more like my sister uses it now).

Oh sorry!
I tried using rechargable batteries in my m240 and that didn’t work.

The Rhapsody software won’t update on my computer. 

So any new songs that we purchase won’t be able to load.

I tried Windows Media Player 11, but it says there is an error with every song that we try to download.