Please Help me out with my Sansa

My bestfriend gave me his old Sansa Music Player and he is currently off the country. While im using the Music Player it suddenly turned off then when I turned it on a dialog box appears and it says: “Recovery Needed, Recovery tool can be obtained from the Downloads page at”. I followed what the dialog box says and after I downloaded the software it says that i have to register it in FULL VERSION which requiring the serial number of the product. In that case I cant provide a serial number because it can only be viewed at the settings. Other posts says that I can also view the Serial Number of the Product if I connect it to the Computer, but everytime I connect it a dialog box appears saying that I have to install a Hardware Installer for the computer to read the Music Player, which in another case I cant provide because I have no Hardware installer, I have tried to search for Hardware Installer over the internet but i cant find one. And everytime I search for the unit of my music player no exact research was found. Please kindly help me out about this problem, if you must kindly provide me a software for the Hardware Installer so that I can view the Serial Number and also, the proper Recovery tool for my Music Player.

The following are inscribed at the back of my Sansa:

F(C) BH0711AJFI016637 (Im confused with the 0’s(zeroes) and O’s)

FCC ID: UZB-ES2007030

Model: Connect-4GB