Please help!! Installed RockBox, now my player is frozen

I installed Rockbox, now my player is completely frozen with the picture of the USB plug on the front. My computer won’t even recognize it when I plug it into the USB port.

an update to my issue.   My computer says there is n o driver installed for this device.  I took the battery out but everytime I plug in the USB it freezes.  Please help, I just want to get this RockBox off of my MP3.  I will buy a 2gb card.

Hold down the power button until it turns off. Might be 15seconds or so.

If you need to plug it into your computer, put it into the original sansa software mode first…

If you used the rockbox utility to install rockbox you should be able to uninstall rockbox with it, too.  The player must be in MSC mode for proper installation/uninstallation.  Turn the player off, push the HOLD button to the locked position, and connect to your PC while holding the |<< button, letting go of |<< only after seeing “connected” on the player’s LCD screen.  That should connect you to the PC in MSC mode.

Note: You don’t need to take the battery out in order to do a reset.  You can simply hold down the Menu/Power button until the player turns off.  This typically takes only 15 to 20 seconds, just be patient and it will turn off.

Rockbox only works on the E200 V1 bios. If you are using a e200 series with a v2 bios, it will not work. :robotsad: To remove Rockbox, simply run the Rockbox utility and uninstall from there.

Might be just a problem with the daily build.  Restart your player while holding down the prev button, and update the firmware using the sansaupdater.  That will delete the bootloader. 

Also, if your bios stars with a three its a v2, and doesn’t support Rockbox.

Mine did this earlier, I’ll look into it. in the meantime i’ll be keeping the screws out of my battery cover.


OR you need to realize that Rockbox doesn’t work with USB still.

To load any music onto the Sansa you have to start in the Sansa original software (on my install I just hold   |<<  while turning the Sansa on) and connect it to the computer. Plugging the sansa into the computer using Rockbox just charges the battery and displays the USB symbol…

(I should have remembered this the first time this thread came up.)

@autobahnsho wrote:

OR you need to realize that Rockbox doesn’t work with USB still.

(I should have remembered this the first time this thread came up.)

Let’s say it all together now children . . . “D’OH!


Sometimes Rockbox will lock up if you connect to the USB port while rockbox is running.  At least, this does happen to me using my own custom build.  The solution is to make sure you have the player turned off before connecting to the USB port.  That way it bypasses rockbox and boots directly into the original firmware.

I’ve found the “car mode” and have been using it- my cig lighter port only provides power if the car is turned to ACC or ON.

So when I start the car it gives power, turning the Sansa on. I have it set to rockbox as the default load, and “now playing” the resume screen.

Then when the car is shutoff it automatically pauses the Sansa, which means it goes to idle after a minute and turns the Sansa off automatically.

The problem I have is if it’s in pause and I turn the car back on, the power tries to restart the Sansa and it locks up and says “Panic” + something else…


Works pretty good!!

when i start my music player with the rockbox firmware, it gets hanged then i have to remove the battery and restart it. so i have to start the music player by booting into the original firmware. and also when i connect the music player to the computer i can see both the drives but when i open them they are empty  and i cannot copy or paste anything in the drives. so pl help me asap that how do i reinstall a new rockox and remove the old one to reslove the issue. i m trying to get it done since 4 days…

so your sayin i cant put rockbox on my sansa e250r Rhapsody?

@dtown96 wrote:
so your sayin i cant put rockbox on my sansa e250r Rhapsody?

Whos are you speaking to??? When there are multiple people participating in a discussion, it helps to quote the person you are replying to.

I’ve re-read the entire thread and I can’t see where anyone said you cannot put Rockbox on a Sansa ‘R’ player. In fact, just the opposite is true. The ‘R’ model is essentially just a v1 player with additional hardware to handle Rhapsody’s capabilities. They’ve since moved past this and all newer Sansas are compatible with Rhapsody through the re-design of the v2 hardware (Fuze & Clip included).

Have you been to the Rockbox site and actually looked or read any of the information there? If you had, you would have seen that there is a special procedure to installing RB on the ‘R’ models. You just can’t use the RB Utility like everyone else. But it CAN be done.