Help. freezing like this

I like this cute device but recently it becomes like below (Japanese language means: database) after I cut the USB line from laptop.

Anyone has advice for me to solve this problem? I read some advice such as press the power botton together with the down botton and it shut down but when I click power botton again, it pop up with the clover screen and shows below words again. 

I didn’t install rock box. Do you suggest me install it? I have a disc in package it says: Rhapsody. is it rock box?

If I install it, should I install it on laptop or sansa? Sorry I know my question is a little bit silly.

Thanks in advance!

Is the screen freezing at that point?  If not, this is the normal database refresh, which happens whenever you add or delete files from your player and then disconnect.  The refresh can take up tp 30 minutes (really!), depending on the size of the collection on your player.

If the player is frozen, did you try to reset the player?  Hold the power button down for at least 30 seconds, and then press it again to restart.

The disc is a free trial for the optional fee-based Rhapsody music subscription service.  Not required and totally optional.  The disc also may include a copy of a Clip Zip user manual (also available here in the forum, at the top).

Rockbox, in contrast, is available at, where you can read about it. 

Note:  when the database refresh is occurring, the progress bar on the screen should fill up, indicating the progress (this may occur vey slowly, if you have many files).  If it does not, the player may be frozen–but, be patient.  After the refresh has finished, the regular player screen will appear.

Thank you very much for your specific advice.

I restarted several times, it always stuck like that. No process anymore at that position. It shut down itself after several hours.

Maybe there are some files not easy to read stored in it cuz there was a song, everytime I play it it shut down itself. I forgot which song. I will delete all files in it and see what happens: ) 

Very good idea–I would reformat the player.