Please Help I'm almost out of options (white screen of death)

What else can I do?

I tried the soft reset multiple times

I tried formatting, but since I can’t see anything but a white box and a scratch, I went to My Computer and format the Internal Memory.

I tried updating the firmware to the lastest version.

Please, what now? I really don’t feel like replacing my 8GB Fuze.

I’ve gotten the white screen several times, usually when I turn off my PC with it connected

The soft reset (holding the power switch up until it turns off   maybe 20 secs or longer)  always works for me

Just keep holding it up until it powers off… again just hold it and see if it will power off…

(make sure the hold switch isn’t on)

I keep doing that, nothing works, it seem to be just the screen that’s broken cuz when i hold the power button to turn it off, it turn off it about 4 seconds, the time that it akes for the Fuze to turn off. I can upload a video showing my problem.

It’s dead Q&E. 

it’s not completely dead, it still work, but screen is like white schattered. could water getting into it caused the problem

It certainly could. The connection to the screen may have shorted out.

That screen sounds very dead, and unless you can live without a display it’s time to consider a new unit.

The Clip+ is inexpensive, takes the microSDHC card (make sure it’s a Clip Plus) and has comparable sound with the Fuze–all you lose is the video, which never worked so well anyway. Or splurge on a new Fuze. 

If you suspect water damage, you should have mentioned it in your first post. Water requires a completely different approach. The first thing to remember is to not attempt to operate the player at all until it’s had at least a few days to dry out (preferably in some sort of water-absorbing medium).

But it may not be too late. Unplug the player if it’s plugged in and put it in a container of white rice. That works well as a dessicant. Leave it there for several days before trying to use it again.

ok i’ll try the white rice technique, i’ve done it before for my cell phone which actually did had water got into it. i’m not sure about this one though, it did happened after it rain, but it was in my pocket.

i’ll get back with the results, thank you

Is your Fuze a v1 or a v2? If the former, you can install Rockbox with the voice prompts and see if everything but the screen works. Tou might even be able to use it that way, although your enjoyment of videos may be somewhat limited. :robotwink:

If the LCD itself is the problem, you can probably get a broken Fuze with a good LCD for around $15. I’m about 95% sure that the Fuze LCD’s are fully interchangeable between models. If anybody can raise or lower that 95% figure, please do so. :wink:

The only difficult thing about replacing the LCD is reconnecting the face plate afterwards.

I’ll bet you $5.00 your screen is NOT coming back. 

Stop screwing around and get a refurb on Ebay.

Might get lucky enough to score a V1 so you can RockBox it. :wink:

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