How do I get the clip to play the music I downloaded in the same order I loaded them on??

The following is based on my personal experience and I haven’t done any experimentation or research to find out if it fits every case.

I discovered that the clip plays my songs in alphabetical order based on what is entered in the tag field that shows up as “Contributing Artist” in Media Player. In order to change that, I had to use Advanced Tag Editor in Media Player to enter a numerical tag like 1, 2, 3 in front of the Artist name.

This is how I did it:

Open Windows Media Player 11

Add songs to your created playlist

Open your playlist and notice that the list is in the order that reflects the alphabetical order of the Contributing Artist field.

Right click on the song title you want to play first, choose Advanced Tag Editor

Left click on the Artist Info tab

Enter a number 1 in front of the name in the “Artist” field

Note that I removed all other entries in the Artist Info tab

Click Apply and OK

Continue through the list of songs in the order you want them to play

It’s a lot of work if you have a lot of songs so if anyone knows of a better, faster method to get the same results, that would be cool

I use the clip in msc mode and use playlist creator 3 to make and edit m3u playlists. Very easy - you don’t have to depend on media player or rhapsody. In the program open your playlist. Highlight the song you want to move and then click the up or down arrows to the right. There are arrows to move to the top and to the bottom also. You can shift-select more than one song and move them at the same time.  You need to click the “create playlist” button to save your changes.

But you have to use playlists for this to work. If you’re just loading mp3s and not organizing them into playlists I don’t know how you could order them.

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