How do I preserve the order of songs uploaded to the Music folder?

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I uploaded 25 songs to my Music folder, they arrived out of order. Is there a way to upload songs to the Music folder in a way that preserves my order? I want to have my songs play in a specific order, exept of course when I select Random.



If you play a folder of music using the player’s Folder option, the music will play in the order listed in the folder.  If you play using the database option/categories (e.g. Album), the files will play in the order of the ID3 tags (metadata) put into each file.

Things you can do:

–  Play by folder option.

–  Create a playlist–this is one of the scenarios that playlists are useful for solving.

–  Create a GoList playlist on the player, for a 1-time use.

–  Edit the files ID3 tags, such as with well-regarded freeware MP3Tag, a tag editor. 

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I think I have tried this before and creating a playlist as suggested above worked well! Good luck Kerry!

I have had luck creating a playlist of the songs in the order I wanted using Windows Media player. I used the syn function to add them to my Clip+. The songs stayed in the order they were on the playlist.

Hopes this helps.