playlists won't sync with windows 8.1 and wmp 12

Just updated to a new laptop with Windows 8.1 and (sadly) Windows Media Player 12.  Everything works except I cannot get the playlists to work – the music syncs just fine.  It all worked beautifully before in an older version of WMP.

My wonderful old Fuze is version v01.02.31A.  I have tried all the mtp/msc tricks posted.  I can change the extension of my wpl playlists to either pla or m3u and the folder will appear on the Fuze, but it is still empty.

Short of manually changing the genre of my songs so they’ll at least group together even if not in the right order (which I am considering out of sheer frustration), is there any way to sync my playlists?  

I don’t use playlists. Maybe as a workaround you could try music software other than Windows Media Player, like Media Monkey

And see if you have better luck.

The free version of Mediamonkey should  do playlists for you; what you get with the Gold (paid) version, mostly, is an mp3 ripper, but you can also install an mp3 ripper without buying it. 

Thank you.  I have seen Media Monkey recommended several times, so I will take the leap and learn a new system… unless a playlist afficcianado out there somewhere has stumbled across my dream solution :slight_smile:

Have you tried Winamp?

Winamp was nice but it has been discontinued. The only places to find it are at sites like

 If you connect the device in MSC mode, you can use Video4Fuze to create you playlists, see my signature for a download link.