Playlists using Rhapsody on Computer

I have 3 different playlists on my computer using Rhapsody software.  When I drag them to my Fuse+ it never downloads all the subscription based songs to the Fuse+.  So my playlists only have half the music.  The status indicator is always stuck saying “Downlooading and transfering 3 of 65 items to Sansa Fuse+”.  What gives?

I think that it is an issue with Rhapsody. I owned the previous Sansa Fuze and it did the exact same thing. Try not to download everything at once. I know it will take forever but you may want to drag each song one by one. That is the only thing that seemed to help me when I had that issue. I hope this helps. :smiley:

The ONLY way I can ever get it to work correctly is to download all of the tracks to my hard drive, then transfer to the MP3 player. I have NEVER been able to transfer streamed Rhapsody tracks to any Sandisk device without it getting “stuck”. You would think after 8 years Rhapsody would be able to solve this problem, but sadly no.

Actually, you can keep unplugging your player, refresh it, close then open Rhapsody, then download say another few tracks until it becomes frozen again. Then repeat about 10 or 20 times and turn it into an all day project.

I have downloaded my entire 2000 song library onto my hard drive for this sole reason. It is the only way to transfer more than say 50 songs at a time without the program freezing.

Thanks for answering my question.  Unfortunately that’s what I thought might be the answer :(  I didn’t want to have to buy all these songs so thats why I opt for the subscription service. unbelievable…

You do not have to buy the songs, just download them. They are DRM protected after downloading.

In your library, just select all and right click download. They are still subscription tracks, you did not buy them, and they take up disk space.

Thanks for the tip.  Being an iTunes person for many years the only way to download a track was to purchase it.  I thought it would be the same for Rhapsody.  I am downloading now and I’ll see if the playlist come across to my Fuse+ in their entirety.