Rhapsody tracks won't transfer

I have Rhapsody To Go, but I’m having a lot of difficulties transfering Rhapsody tracks to my Sansa Fuze 8GB. Mostly, it hangs during the transfer process. I will get a message saying “Transferring x of x tracks to Sansa Fuze 8GB. Approximately x secs remaining,” but that never changes. It will stay that way for hours if I let it. Sometimes, I will have luck if I try to transfer just one track, or a few tracks. But only for awhile, and then it will fail again.

Check to see if you have any playlists on the Fuze set to update automatically. You may have to get a little tricky to get the Rhapsody client to stop trying to download tracks. To do this, close out of Rhapsody and plug in the Fuze. After Windows has recognized the device, launch Rhapsody and as soon as you can, cancle the log in process. Now Rhapsody will scan the Fuze without trying to download or update anything. Highlight the Fuze in the Sources menu, then click on the Device Options button that appears in the upper right corner. Uncheck any playlists that are checked.

Also, check your Watched Folders options (Tool > Preferences > Watched Folders) and make sure that the Rhapsody folder is not in the path. It’s usually installed in My Music which is probably the watched folder. 

Thanks for the suggestions, but that doesn’t seem to be it. I don’t have any playlists that are set to automatically update and I don’t have a Rhapsody folder under My Music. The watched folder feature is turned off in any case.

Any other thoughts? I’m using Windows 7. I have Rhapsody v4.0 build 5.209. The firmware on my Fuze is V02.02.26A.

I just tried again and was able to transfer one track successfully. Then I was able to transfer 5 tracks successfully. Then I tried 10 and gave the same message, “Transferring x of x tracks to Sansa Fuze 8GB. Approximately x secs remaining,” but it never transfers anything and it never finishes.

There is probably a system file of some sort, an XML file for example, that is corrupt. Not knowing personally what file that might be I would probably go ahead and reformat the Fuze, using the Format command on the Fuze’s menu. Otherwise I would check with Rhapsody support on that.

Thanks for the tip. I tried formatting once, and it made no difference, I’m afraid. I’ll have to contact Rhapsody support.

If you think of it, post your resolution here for future reference. Good luck!