Why Won't Rhapsody Work Properly?!

I’ve been having a lot of problems using Rhapsody to manage my 8GB Fuze, and I was hoping some people here could help out.  For starters:

* When I connect the Fuze to the computer/Rhapsody, oftentimes not all of the tracks/songs load onto the computer.  I’d say around 30-40% of the time all the songs load, but 60-70% a few are missing.  It varies - I currently have about 350 songs - sometimes only around 150 songs show up, sometimes 200+, sometimes almost the full number, but a few short.

* If I edit the song information in Rhapsody’s My Library, delete the song on the Fuze, then try to transfer the newly edited song from My Library to the Fuze, it doesn’t work.  I have to delete the song from both the Fuze and Rhapsody.  Then I get the song from elsewhere on my computer, put that in Rhapsody’s My Library (again), edit the information, then transfer the song to the Fuze.

* Now I’ve just found out that if I: record songs on the radio with my Fuze; transfer the .wav files to my computer; disconnect my Fuze; convert the .wav files into mp3 (with Lame XP); add the songs to Rhapsody’s My Library; edit the tracks… then reconnect the Fuze and try to put the new songs from My Library (and the Playlist section) onto the Fuze, it doesn’t work, in much the same way as above.  I’m not sure if this is important, but new playlists were made on Rhapsody which weren’t on the Fuze, and the new songs were put in the new playlists on Rhapsody - neither attempts to transfer the songs by dragging the playlists to the fuze icon, nor by directly dragging the songs from My Library to the fuze icon, work.

I don’t want to have to drag out the original mp3 converts, and put them into Rhapsody again, so that they can be put onto the Fuze.


You do know you DONT HAVE TO USE RHAPSODY if you dont want. Windows media player, media monkey, and winamp often work better.

For that matter, Drag and Drop is so much simpler.    You need another program for playlist creation.