Playlist w/Rhapsody Music Doesn't Show Up on Fuze.

I’m new tothis device, so thanks for your patience . . .

I logon onto Rhapsody and it recognizes my Fuze.  I then create a Playlist by dragging and dropping music from my Rhapsody library (there are some CDs that I ripped that are in my library, but they are predominantly Rhapsody songs).  I then click on “Disconnect” and unhook my Fuze.  When I turn it on, the Playlist is either not there,  or they are shown as merely individual songs.  I have a Rhapsody to go Membership.

Not sure if it matters, but I use Windows XP Operating System and Mozilla browser.

Thanks for any help you can offer me.

Dont mean to sound like a meany but did you go to playlist on the fuze? Its under the music option.

I’m having the same problem, too. WTF?!? It also won’t hold more than one playlist at a time.

And yes, I went to ‘playlist’ under the music option.

I wont use rhapsody, because I have never gotten it to work right, I can make WMP and Media Monkey do what I want, not Rhapsody.

Don’t fret about sounding like a “meany”.  Yes, I did go to Playlist.  Also, as others have stated, I tried to make more than one playlist and was not able.  HELP HELP HELP.